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Ben Jansen Metaal Recyling new website!
BenJansen Metaal Recycling

Giveaways, their super populair on Facebook and companies. We offer a website written in high-tech languages like Symfony and AngularJS. This lottery website is free for use for everybody. Visit website


A custom made web application with new techniques and online payment method. Upload, cut and order your photo wallpaper online within minutes. Due to a smart way of handling images the customer can order with no internet knowlegde online. Visit website

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iPhone Responsive

Mobile devices are key these days. Scientists have predicted that in the year 2014 more people will lookup a website on their mobile devices rather than on a regular pc or laptop.
Also to mention that there a lot of different screen-sizes these days, think about netbooks or even smaller devices such as WiiU and tables

The result of those devices is that there is no standard screen-size anymore like 5 or 10 years ago. The standard size was 1024x768 those days, every screen was capable to show that screen-resolution and websites looked perfect then.

From the given example there is a new name/technology born called Responsive web design.

Is your website already responsive? Contact us to talk about the possibilities.


Our system contains the most important elements to keep your website up-to-date. For us it's very important that your website is found in search engines. What we also want is that our customers to feel edit experience as a joy and not a difficult or dirty job. We dream of code, you don't have to do that, is our motto.

Our LEMON Admin system is built by ourselves and is modulair, this means that we offer certain add-ons to implement into your website. Pay as you go..
The prices are not paid per user but the costs are spread so we offer modules to everybody.

Module hosting
A website needs web hosting. Our LEMON Admin system is included in the hosting contract. We've got 2 plans for hosting.
Module mediafinder
Managing files and images is fast, handy and fun with our Mediafinder. Store documents, images and much more.
Module multilanguage
Got more then one language? Our system is prepared!
Module modules
Our LEMON Admin system is built with modules. You can purchase only modules you need.
Module seo
Search engines LOVE websites. Our system is designed with SEO in mind. So free SEO in a SEO designed system.
Module socialmedia
Socialmedia bring your website under the attention of people, daily! Our system is prepared for this.

Got or want a website? There are a few things you should know.
Do you have, e-mail, a domain and of course the website itself?

We offer everything what you need for a website. Web design , e-mail and our expertise and knowledge in the internet business.
We talk about the things you want and take away everything technical for you so you can focus on the final product.
In all of our products is e-mail for free and unlimited mail-addresses. Need help to set them up, we can help you with it.

Read enough? Send us an e-mail or call us.

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We support every modern browser when we built your website. Often we do checks to see if everything is lining up correctly. As last check we do a old browser check and give you an heads up if something is not showing up correctly.

Is your browser not in this list? Let us know so we can check that one too.

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee you a 100% compatible website when you use an old browser.

Our LEMON Admin system is optimized for Chrome and Firefox.